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I work primarily with astrology whilst incorporating different methods of divination and integrating other branches of knowledge, including conventional and energy medicine, nutrition and herbalism. My work is holistic and relates to all areas of life. This means I can help with questions and issues regarding career, money, health, relationship, personal direction, motivation, likely outcomes and so on. See what some of my clients have said about my work:

We like your compelling mixture of encouragement and confirmation and the way you include rich technical detail. This makes your readings very satisfying, because they both stroke and encourage. Even if you aren’t sure you believe in astrology 100% they still seem to provide a spookily accurate and compelling guide to help you make decisions about the future, or make you feel better about it at least. You’re really good at making people feel better and providing encouragement, and that allied to convincing astrology makes for a powerful product… You are great! – Stewart, Dundee


Thankyou very much for going to such trouble. And for finding my time of birth as well.
I have been exposed to the concepts you talk about but was truly surprised at how my natal astrological chart was so accurate concerning the issues I am facing, and have faced. And also what energy centres are involved, which have become obvious as treatment has progressed.
It is rather humbling to know what likelihoods, possibilities and challenges are writ in the stars and reinforces my view of the universe and my place, and the place of all of us, in it.
The astrology information is spot on and ties in closely with a lot of the work I am doing at the moment. – Ceri, Glamorgan


The reports that you do are fantastic! Are you open to doing some more for some clients of mine that could be interested? – Angela, Sydney


For feedback – Stephanie has been able to lower her thyroid meds and is close to coming off all together. She’s really happy that we’ve been able to treat her and she’s used aura soma, kinesiology, astrology and bringing the moon into her own work, and sound bowls to activate the thyroid chakra. – Angela, Sydney


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I have 8 years’ experience working directly with clients and, also, in an advisory capacity with other professionals in such fields as psychology and kinesiology. Additionally, I have a Master’s degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and I am trained in person-centred counselling.

I offer consultations in person, or via Skype or email. I charge £50 per personal consultation, whether in person or on Skype, and £80 for email consultations, which include a written report and all correspondence arising from this. Payments should be made by Paypal. If you would like further details or would like to make a booking, please email me directly or contact me via my contacts page.