I figured I’d share my view of tonight’s Super-Moon with you. In my location, she was modestly veiled at her 5ish o’ clock rising. Later, though, I got to see her after she’d performed her Dance of the Seven Veils. By this time, she’d risen to 26 degrees Taurus to join the red and evilly-blinking Algol in Perseus, purportedly the most dangerous star in the heavens.

According to diverse legend, Algol has never brought anyone any good. At times, it was Rosh ha Satan to the Hebrews, which is to say, Satan’s Head. At others, it was Lilith, Adam’s wayward first wife who abandoned him to become a vampiric demoness announcing her presence with the call of a screech owl.

Thus, tonight’s full-moon is severely tarnished by the company she keeps and astrologers of old would fearfully have pulled their curtains against her!


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