Now and then, particularly shocking world events open up wormholes in the spacetime continuum. What happens is that a moment of emotional intensity constructs a bridge between then and the future so that memories later trigger a violent return to that instant after which nothing would ever be the same again. I suspect that the moment we all heard that Donald Trump has been elected as the next American president is one of these.

So what was I doing when I heard?

Well, I’d just returned from my morning run and was greeted by the news which was given to me by my husband. My words: “FFS!” I was like, “I know it wasn’t much of a choice American but, honestly, Trump?!” BTW, I’m sorry about the bad language but it was an emotional moment.

But it shouldn’t have been a shock – not to an astrologer worth her salt anyway. She could comfortably have predicted all this on 19th July 2016 when Trump was nominated by the Republican Party to run for president. How? Well, it was writ large in the full moon that rose that day in 27’Capricorn 40’’.

Now, I will admit that, on the face of it, with all planets within their bounds and the moon ambling back from her apogee, it was an apparently unremarkable syzygy. But all that humdrum would not have rused that clever astrologer I mentioned above. She would have noticed that the moon was in the antischion of the fixed star, Yed Prior, in the left hand of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus, and that this was a portentous sign in conjunction with Trump’s nomination.

A couple of reasons: First, the star is associated with the Hebrew letter, ʿayin ע (correlating to the Greek Omicron) which is one of the seven letters which receive a tagin, a crown when written in a sefer Torah (a handwritten copy which is stored in the holiest spot of a synagogue). Second, it is associated with the tarot card, The Tower: Trump would clearly get the opportunity to set the cat amongst the pigeons when, despite all early signs, he makes the Whitehouse on 20th January 2017(coincident, within three days, of the related new moon on 17th @ 26’ Capricorn 54”).

With this, The Tower is, of course, an oft-repeated symbol of disaster and it was clear that, globally, we’d reached a critical point even before Trump’s victory. But perhaps it’s not the best time to dwell in too many End of Days narratives. Perhaps it would be better to focus on how The Tower can also be interpreted in terms of the Descensus Christi ad Inferos or, in other words, Christ’s “Harrowing of Hell”. You’ll recall that his assault on Hell’s demons happened, according to the Bible, during the three days following his Crucifixion when he descended into hell. And you’ll also remember that the end result of a miserable time for him was his triumphant release of hell’s captives. Thus, when the heavens pointed their yad to July’s full moon, perhaps therein was the possibility of a happier kind of liberation. Anyway, it’s an interpretation we ought to work with.


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